Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Family

Each year we sponsor a family at Christmastime.  Here is the list of what our family this year needs.  I know some of you like to purchase gifts.  If you could please call and let us know what you purchase so we can cross it off our list.  If you could also wrap the gift, that would be super!

Boy – age 10
                Pants – boys large
                Shirts – men’s medium
                Legos (Chima or Star Wars)
                Nerf guns
                Star Wars Angry Birds Jeng tie fighter (game)
                WWE elite collection (figures)

Boy – age 8
                Pants – size 8
                Shirts – boys large
                Telepeds Angry Birds Go Pig Rock Raceway (game)
                Nerf gun
                WWE Brawling Buddies w/ championship
                Licensed Operation (game)
                WWE rumblers transforming tour bus

Boy – age 5
                Despicable Me 2 toys
                Nerf gun
                Hot Wheels monster truck
                WWE brawling buddies
                Imaginex Batman

Boy – age 3
                Bowling set
                Despicable Me 2 toys
                Hot Wheels monster truck
                Washable paint

Boy – age 17 months
                Diapers – size 4
                Toys that sing and move
                Stuffed animals that light up
                Snow pants – size 18 months

Girl – age 6 months
                Diapers – size 1
                Gentlese formula
                Crib mobile

Mom and Dad
                Gift certificates to Walmart, Target, or Tops
                Dish clothes
                Picture frames

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