Thursday, January 29, 2015

Transforming Thursday...

One of the comments we get the most from women and men who visit the store is how cool, pretty, eye-catching and creative our displays are behind the register and around the store. Sharon and Dimitra are totally responsible for our 'look'. Sharon enjoys going to garage and estate sales and finds the coolest stuff! Dimitra also loves ferreting out hidden gems. Dimitra's husband, George is great at finding things and all of them have the nack for the 'deal'. I once got to go on a little antique hunt with Sharon and Dimitra. I ended my day shoehorned in the backseat (they almost had to strap me to the roof...) because the LARGE SUV we were using was packed to within an inch of MY life!

All of this brings me to decorating or this week to re-decorating. Sharon has been at it again. I know her last e-mail gave you a few sneak peeks, here are some more.

Our new Mixed Media wall! We have consolidated all of the products used in our mixed media classes and projects to make them easier for you to find. 

Along the same lines we've created a stencil wall. All our stencils save Memory Box and Tim Holtz are right next to the mixed media supplies. The MB and TH stencils are on the same display as before but facing the main aisle. 

New acetates for Valentine's Day and Easter are here!

We now have room for all our Distressed products and to the right all our embossing powders and glitters. The empty space at the bottom of the distressed product is reserved for the Distressed Ink mini pads that we should be getting in soon, along with the new color combo collections from Ranger. The first, Crushed Pistachio, is displayed right next to the register and we are taking pre-orders for it. 

We've broken up several of the My Favorite Things Chocolate Love sets and are selling the stamps individually. I call them 'Chocolate Bites' and they are right up front of the register. 

Starting to get Easter papers and stamps in...that's all I'm saying. 

Lastly a little Valentine inspiration for you. 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week. 

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