Sunday, April 5, 2015

Glitchy Thursday - on Sunday...

I discovered late last week that two of my posts for March did not post. I want to apologize for these glitches. We are so tech savvy here at BSS that sometimes it just goes to our heads (NOT!) Sue Drees does a fantastic job of posting every Monday a gorgeous card that she has created along with instructions and the names of the stamps, dies and products she uses. Sue is also good at getting her posts ready ahead of time and scheduling them for automatic posting. Me, not so much...

When I come in on Thursday I call, text, read notes left to me by Sharon and go around the store taking photos of new product and items that we want to let you know about. I also gather information about guest artists and events we have upcoming in the store. If I'm lucky, I can start writing my text and inserting my pictures while I'm at the store, but more often than not I just get the photos taken. I usually leave the store in the early afternoon, pick up my daughter from school and then go home. I finish the composition and text for the blog from home and publish as soon as that's done.

That being said I sometimes get sidetracked, something that is so easy for me! My tag as a Real Housewife of "Life is what happens while we are making other plans." This is why you sometimes don't see a 'Thursday' post until 9:00 at night or even Friday. I'm not joking when I tell you the UPS truck just pulled up. Sometimes I wait to leave until the driver comes in, drops the boxes and I have a chance to open them to see what's new so I can give you a sneak peek. Other times I may stop in the store earlier in the week, see something new, snap a few photos with my camera with the intention of adding to my post on Thursday. Thursday comes around and when I make my daily stroll for new product, the product I saw earlier in the week is already gone! So writing my posts and scheduling them for a set time is not always a good option. Lastly, technology, as much as I personally love it, has so passed me by! I struggle to keep up and I've gone from being a PC person to an Apple person. I start my blog entry either on my phone or on my iPad and I may finish on either of those or on my Mac at home. I'll being on a learning curve for all three devices till I die because Apple keeps making new versions and upgrades just to confuse me! I just upgraded my home internet service because it wasn't able to handle all our devices, hence the posts that did not post. Hopefully, I will have smooth sailing from now on. Thanks for putting up with my sketchy posting last month and know that I will double check my posts from now on to make sure they actually post!

See you on Thursday, I'll have what's new and a reminder that Jennifer Snyder from Prima will be back in the store on Sunday, April 12 for another great make n'take for you. All donations from the event will go to our Holiday Family Fund. Hoping you all had a great Easter and Passover, see you in the store!


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