Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring Cleaning

We had our usual race this week to get our newsletter and class descriptions for May and June on line by the first of the month. The good news is we did it, the bad news is there is always something we find we left out or need to fine tune or gasp! - made a mistake about. So on this lovely spring day I'm going to do some 'spring cleaning' and clear out the cobwebs, dust off the details and do a little polishing. 

Class Descriptions
Please take a moment to check out the policies included on our class description pages. We have the supplies that are included for the Basic Kit for both stamping classes and scrap booking classes listed there. We have updated and added items for both over the last few sessions. It is important that you bring your Basic Kit to all classes you take. By having your complete kit you avoid having to share, borrow or buy duplicate supplies. Also, our classes are timed so that we can get the maximum number of classes a day if needed. Without being prepared, you take the chance that you will not finish in time and it backs up other events or tasks we have planned for the day. 

Basic Kit - Hint
Supplies and tools have been known to 'walk' away - just like Silly Putty used to do when you were a kid. LABEL YOUR SUPPLIES! A good method is to use Washi tape. Find one you love and run it, wrap it, whatever it on your stuff!

Class Discounts
There is a 10% discount on products that are exclusive to any class you take at BSS. The discount applies to supplies such as stamps, dies, inks, papers and embellishments specific to the class. It does not apply to generic items such as plain cardstock, or items that are a part of your basic kit such as adhesives, scissors or your black or brown ink pads. In some instances decisions on the discount will be made on a class by class basis. 

Demo Sunday 
Demo Sunday has been a fixture of BSS for many years. Today Mona does our Demo Day and it has become very popular. The guidelines are as follows. 
      Demo Day is held once a month. Check our website for the exact date. In the past we have tried to schedule DD for the third Sunday of the month but we reserve the right to adjust the date to accommodate holidays, guest artists and other special events we may be running any given month. So check the calendar on the website, 'Mark the Date' on our home page or our newsletter. 

Altenew & Lil' Inkers Stamps &  Dies
   These are two new stamp and die companies that we are carrying and we are unable, at this time, to offer marks on our Frequent Shopper card for. Namely, the dies from these two companies. The reason in short is these items are not wholesale for us. We try, whenever possible, to pass savings on to, or thank our customers for their patronage through our Frequent Shopper card. It's a way we can offer you a bit of a discount on almost everything you purchase from us. We hope to be able to change this specific exception for these products in the future but for now it is what it is. Other items that are not eligible for our Frequent Shopper card are the Big Shot machine, Copics markers and the new Misti stamp positioner. 

Distressed Ink Pre-Orders & Discount Card
    In January we started a discount card program for the year long release of these new colors in the products shown. It works this way, pre-order and pay before the end of the month, any or all of products released that month and receive that dollar amount on your green discount card (not including tax). At the end of November your total paid to date will be averaged together and you will get that amount off your final month's purchase. You must pay for your ordered product by the last day of the month the color is released or you will not get credit on your green card for that month. We have had problems due to Ranger's shipping schedule. We order the new release as soon as Ranger's web site allows us to. When they ship and when we receive our order we have no control over. Because of this we have had customers who were unable to come in to the store and pay for their pre-ordered product by the end of the month and therefore did not get credit for the purchase on their card. By pre-ordering and pre-paying for your ink products, you guarantee you will get the product as soon as we do and that your purchase will be credited to your green card. 

Lastly, I'd like to restate two class policies that apply to all our classes. First, ALL CLASSES MUST BE PAID BY CASH OR CHECK. Guest Artist classes must be paid in advance. Cash or check is preferred but in the case you cannot come to the store before the class, especially those who live a distance away, we will accept payment via credit card with a processing fee added. The processing fee will depend on the number of classes offered. We sign a contract with 99% of these artists and they all require payment in advance. There are no refunds on these classes. 

For ALL classes taught by our instructors, we require 48 hours notice if you are not able to attend or you will be required to pay for the class kit. 

I have said it many times; we have the best customers in the world and it's because of you that we constantly try to bring you the top artists and products our industry offers. We use these guidelines and policies to enable us to provide these services to you. It works great the vast majority of the time and we sincerely enjoy the time we get to spend with you all and to be able to feed your creative soul!

Happy Creating, Sharon and the staff of Buffalo Stamps and Stuff 


Carol said...

Wonderful, insightful information! Thank you!

Carol said...

Wonderful, insightful , and informative! Thank you!