Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thursday on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, but definitely on Thursday!

I know, It makes no sense! Welcome to my world! Here's the scoop. Dimitra is enjoying a much needed and deserved trip to Greece with her family. She will be gone a couple of months so Sharon has been scrambling to insure we have coverage at the store. You would think tat when we were all younger and had younger children it would be harder to juggle schedules but let me tell you, it's just as hard if not harder now that we are all older! Between college-aged children, grandparent duty, those well deserved vacations we've all been promising ourselves and aching bones and joints, well we ALL need and want time off!

So, my hours and days working have changed along with several others of us. My Thursday blog will still stay on Thursday but hopefully be more on time because I have to write it earlier in the week when I'm working and can take pictures. A challenge for me but good news for you because the Thursday blog will (I hope) actually be posted earlier on Thursday! Luckily we get new stuff almost every day and Sharon sends me photos when something comes in that I may not be there to see, like the NEW Taylored Expressions

Halloween mini dies, paper, sequins and stamps!

Fall and pumpkin picking is in our future! My favorite time of year!

NEW flower stamps and dies!

Background dies, stamps and inspiration. 

We also have new dies, stamps and papers (coming in a special Saturday post) from Kaiser. 

Our last two sessions of Summer Stamp Camp are this coming Sunday and Monday. Here is a mini preview.

We had a fun session this past Monday and the ladies really enjoyed the selection of cards. Give the store a call ASAP and reserve a spot now!

Lastly, we are selling discounted tickets to the Stamp, Scrap, Art Tour at the Hamburg Fairgrounds on August 29-30. We will be there with a great selection of stamps, dies and lots of fun stuff. Come by and say Hello!

I'll see you with a little extra on Saturday (so you don't miss anything)!

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