Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thick Thursday?

Thick Thursday? Yeah, what's up with that? It's how I'm moving today, like walking in mud or molasses. Maybe I'm suffering from craft-lag. I spent almost every hour my daughter was home last week from Friday through Sunday helping her make canvases, lettering, frames, and a crate for her sorority "little". There are three days of decorating her (little's) room. Here's day one:
Each day gets progressively more detailed, day 2:
Today will be day three and 'reveal' day. Half the stuffed I worked on til 2 in the morning, two nights in a row I don't even see in these pictures! Then came the 6+ hour back and forth drive after a 2:30 am bedtime! I'm too old for this!

Enough! Store stuff now. Avery Elle:


Doodlebug Easter

New Lawn Fawn



So cute!

Hero Arts layered images

Concord & Ninth

Power Poppy

I've got unopened boxes from Penny Black, Concord & Ninth and one mystery one I don't know who it's from! That's about all my addled brain can handle today. Enjoy the warm weather and I'll see you next week. 

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