Friday, March 24, 2017

It's a New Day!

I've mentioned before we've been working on a new website for the store and it has arrived! Check it out here! We may have a bit of fine tuning still to do and we're still working on adding a page or two more of content but we're very excited to share this with you. Jessica, Sharon's daughter, is our webmaster and has done a lot of the work in getting the site up and running and we are interested in getting your feedback as to how you like, or don't like what you see on the site.  Scroll down to see our slideshow of store photos and then click the headings at the top of the site to see the different pages on our site.

As I've said before, we share photos so I've borrowed from our Facebook page, emails and messages we send each other for today's updates. I also took a few photos myself while I was in the store yesterday. Lastly, I may have to change my posting day to Friday as I've been unable to post new posts via my iPad. Either it's getting old or I am...but the app I usually use to take photos, create text and do new posts via my pad is not working any longer. Today I'm posting from home and that may be my new reality from now on.

Anyway, here we go with what's NEW and exciting! First up, Misti* - Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented! It may have it's copy cats and alternate versions, but the original still works pretty darn well! We FINALLY received the correct order from them and have gotten in many of the accessories that were trotted out at CHA this year. The Creative Corner are in - but they are going fast. The good news is we have a new shipment expected next week. We also have the cleaner, grid pads, and cushion pads for the original MISTI and the Mini MISTI.

NEW!  Nuvo pen sets - watercolor, fine tipped and brush tipped.

 NEW! Nuvo - Enamels in Jewel Effects, gorgeous colors!

Washi Tape, Coloring cards, and more!

NEW from Kaiser Craft - DIY Dies!

NEW! from Sizzix great die collections

NEW! from Kaiser - Lovely spring papers with a watercolor look.

Create layered cards with pre-cut images. Just layer with foam tape to create 3-D images!

Great inspiration for the day. Penny Black, Oxides and Cheery Lynn Designs create this beautiful card.
That's it for this week. I hope to be back on Thursday but if not, definitely look for a new post of what's new in store (literally) on Friday. Have a great week and happy crafting! Donna

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