Friday, December 7, 2018

It's Beginning to Look...

Sorry I'm a day late...

Well, we're trying to make it look a lot like Christmas! But first I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah! I have several neighbors who put up menorahs and the candle lighting has begun!

I've got a few new things for you this week so lets get started. I posted last week that we had Lavinia stamps back in stock. I didn't know we also had a nice selection of their 6"X6" paper sets in also.


 A little inspiration...W+9 has stamp and die sets for simple cards that take now time to put together. TIP - a way to make your simple cards pop is to emboss the mat! We've used a Taylored Expressions embossing folder on this Cheer card and kicks up the simple design with an elegant touch!

Another example using a patterned background paper to give your cards a little extra something.

 Next up is Neat and Tangled. We've used this great 3-D box die for samples around the store and we've just gotten it back in again. I hope it doesn't sell out by time this is posted!

We also have this cool stamps set and tie to go with the box or on it's own. Frankly, I was a little confused as to what to do with this die and how to use it so I went to my best bud, Google and here's what I found.

Full disclosure, I found this on Neat and Tangle's web site. Go to newest-products to see what you can do with this die and many others. 

Manufacturers web sites are a wonderful thing. You don't need to buy everything you see but you may get inspiration on how to use everything you see. If you're stumped on how to use or re-use a die or stamp, check out the manufacturer's web site and blog. They are a great resource for inspiration and very often answer the question, "What is that die for???"

We've decided to do a little recycling. We are in the paper business after all. We've taken a selection of card samples and combined them with envelopes and are selling them. We often get asked if we have cards for sale and now we do. We have mostly Christmas cards on display right now but we will be adding and adjusting as the seasons change and we will also be adding birthday, get well, thank you, etc. as we come across them. Look for the turning rack behind the 12"X12" card stock.

I've been a busy little elf the last few days making cards to send to my daughter and her roommates. This is their last Christmas at college and every year I like to send them a little 'somtin-somtin'. This year they are getting my own card design from my class and it's been fun remaking these cards. Small images but a lot of coloring! I pair them with gift cards to Starbucks for each girl and stuff the box with Lindor truffles! Oh, to be back in college and get packages from home!

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