Sunday, November 1, 2020

On to November!

What a squirrel-ly week! I'm obviously behind in posting videos but I aim to catch up today and get back on schedule for next week. Sharon pushed the Wednesday video to Thursday and that just created havoc with my schedule. I haven't even seen either video. I was working when Sharon did both the Thursday and the Saturday video. I'm at the other end of the store with customers while she does her thing at the back table so it will be the first time I'm seeing the videos myself. I'll not waste any more time,  HERE is Thursday's video. 

I just saw the first seconds as I copied and pasted the link but I can tell you the first set of stamps Sharon featured - IO's slimline clouds, trees, moon and street scene have been VERY popular. I can't wait to watch the whole thing!

Next up is Saturday's video. I was working Saturday morning and I have to tell you these items flew out of the store. Call and put your order in as Sharon will be getting more of the Taylored Expressions items and the Tim Holtz Deckle cutter. The video for Saturday is HERE.

How was your Halloween? I made up little bags of candy over two weeks ago and we placed them in a bowl on a table in the center of our driveway with a sign wishing kids a Happy Halloween and asking them to please take just one. By eight o'clock the bowl was empty, we brought in the table and turned off our porch light. I felt really bad for the kids that their Halloween was taken away from them like so many other things these past eight months. I missed seeing the kids in their costumes. We have enough elementary aged children around where we live that the costumes and the cuteness is just adorable. Here's hoping with caring and diligence we will have a better Halloween next year.

I didn't get a chance to check in with Sharon regarding Stamp Camp but, I could tell from the box that held the kits that there were very few left! I hope everyone enjoys your in-store or your ZOOM version of Stamp Camp. The cards are really nice. We also have several people joining us on ZOOM from out of state, waaayyy out of state! Maryland and Louisiana to name two! 

I have a few photos for you. Sharon opened a lot of boxes Saturday so hopefully I'll be getting more photos this week. Memory Box is up first. NOTE: The lamp light die you see in the video would not upload to my photos. Give the store a call, it was very popular after the initial video and may have to be ordered.

Next up is Stamp Market. What a great 'hi'! The pinpoint die behind it makes great backgrounds when you don't want to use patterned paper.

Sharon was very excited that Pion paper came in..

What's our cards without a little bling? Lots of holiday colors and shapes from Hai.

Here is the Taylored Expressions product I was telling you about. The tool tray is really fun. You can see the pattern of the plastic on the inside. That plastic is rubbery and maleable. You can stand up your tools in the little nooks and crannies of the pattern. Taylor uses her new pastel brushes as an example, but you can put your markers, pick-up tools, exact-o tools, just about anything in tool tray for easy access and storage. I'm pretty sure we were out by time I left on Saturday, so call and place your order. The brushes are just so pretty! There are five to go with the eight from her first brush collection. I have a set of brushes for my regular Distress Inks and these will go with the first eight for my Oxide Distress inks. (FYI - you shouldn't use the same tool for both Distress and Oxide even if you are using the same color. Keep your distress tools separate from your oxide tools.)

This apparently has been a hotly awaited tool. Tim Holtz has made an 8.5 inch Deckle cutter. Deckle cutters give the effect of a torn edge on your paper. We got three in, we sold three in about 2 hours.

Last of my new product photos is this duo slimline die cut set from Picket Fence(?) I apologize, I cannot see the manufacturer. I'm guessing based on the website and I think I can see "Picket" peaking out from the last die. Slim lines are getting really popular. If you come into the store, most of the slim lines are at the back of the store, behind the tables on slat wall above the counter.

Lastly, I walked in Thursday and we had a class in session! WooHoo! it was great to see people at the table, masking up and working. We do have plastic dividers, these ladies were comfortable enough with their distance and their masks to work without (you can see the dividers on floor behind them). We do ask that if you come for a class or Stamp Camp, besides your mandatory mask, you bring some sanitizing wipes (in a baggie or however you choose ) and some hand sanitizer for your personal use. 

Two funnies today as I missed Thursday. This first one is so me. 

This is for our boy Cooper, although we'd never let Cooper be self employed!

That's it for this week. We'll do our best to be on track next week. Be sure to check out our classes. I have one to post using Mama Elephant. Everyone Happy Crafting and Stay Safe!
P.S.- Linda and Ed - Feel better soon! and Janelle, Justin and Judah - have a WONDERFUL trip! Safe travels!

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