Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's New Thursday...

Hi there! I almost forgot to blog today! Like that's a big surprise... We have been so busy here at the store, almost like the BSS version of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" In our case it's more like "Who has the flu, What's the schedule and Does anyone know where Sharon is?"

ANYWAY, we've got new stuff! Sharon stopped off long enough to drop off NEW MEMORY BOX! Here are some quickie photos. 

These are MB's new Open Studio collections. Each package has several dies included, usually in thematic or nested groupings. I took a quick look at a few prices and they can range from $20-$30 as a general guideline. All of the Open Studio dies are displayed just to the left of the register. We also have the more traditional dies on our Memory Box walls. 

We also got some new MFT dies in.

Lastly, how are those Valentine's Day cards coming? Need some extras? We got 'em!

See you next week for the latest chapter of "Where in the world is Sharon Klima?!" 

P.S. - here's a clue...

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sharon said...

She is so beautiful, so happy that Sharon and Mark are going to be able to visit and hold their new Granddaughter and see their Kids. Life is good!!

{{Big Hug, Sharon!}}