Thursday, November 3, 2016

Crafty Thursday!

It's a great crafty weekend coming up! Not only are we having our second session of Stamp Camp, it's also Christmas in the Country weekend at the fairgrounds in Hamburg. I know many of you are regulars to Christmas in the Country and I'm happy it's this weekend this year as my scrapbook retreat usually conflicts and this year I can go! 

 Here in the store we are rushing to put the fiinishing touches on our class descriptions for November and December and get them on line for you. We hope to have the full newsletter and class descriptions up within a day or two.

I have a few photos for today. First up are some beautiful papers from Kaiser Kraft for the holidays. 

This card and stamp made a customer laugh today so I thought Id see if it gave you a tickle too!

Stylish new papers for the holidays.

We've moved things around, again...and have brought many of the holiday embellishments to the front displays and endcaps of the displays. 

I'm still testing this blog posting app and I'm not crazy about the picture taking options so please forgive the fuzziness of some of the photos. Here are more of our wood and unmounted rubber holiday stamps.

We have another weekend of Stamp Camp Sunday and Monday. Slots are still available, do give us a call and sign up! Our holiday basket raffle is still running so don't forget to pick up your tickets. Finally, new card samples for November/December classes are starting to come in and photos along with descriptions, dates and times should be posted on our website very soon if not already. Take a break from your hectic holiday preparations and join us for a relaxing couple of hours and make something for your heart! 

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