Thursday, January 3, 2019

It's a Clean Slate!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm starting off my first post of 2019 with - wait for it---NOTHING! I got NOTHING! How does this happen?!? I haven't gotten any texts with photos from Sharon for new product or restocks. I haven't been in the store since last Thursday so I got nothing! But it's not a bad thing.

First, everyone here had a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year. For that I'm very grateful. I sincerely hope your Christmas was at the very least as quiet as mine. Second, we have been a little busy...Getting classes ready for the new year. I know Sharon posted new photos and a schedule through the weekend of classes and I know the mess on my crafting surface better turn into a card class real soon...or I'll be out in the cold! I also know Craftopia, CHA, winter craft show - whatever it's being called this year is on for the third weekend in January so there is exciting new stuff on the horizon.

We are welcoming Charlene Marvin (my sister from another mister) on board to teach a class now and again. Charlene is one of my favorite people (and I love you to Sharon, not Klima who I love also) and she loves doing small scrapbook styled albums and will be bringing her excellent design skills to the store this year. Janelle will be back from maternity leave with Bible Journaling and may be putting some time in working at the store. We hope to be welcoming back Janet and Dimitra very soon also. We will post updates and the rest of us will be holding down the fort and working to make your visit to Buffalo Stamps and Stuff a happy one.

Getting back to nothing. It's a good place to start. How about doing a purge of old things you are not using or those impulse buys that you had to have six months ago but still haven't opened yet. My Christmas present to myself was two part. First, I bought a hand vac. I seriously need one for the area underneath where I work (and the rest of the house, but we won't talk about that today...) Secondly I bought a bigger more heavy duty paper shredder! I have to get rid of the paid bills, notices, old statements and all the mumbo jumbo in paper that I've been holding on to for the last 14 years! I'm looking forward to burning out the motor on this baby!

But back to the crafty stuff. Start with a large rubbermaid tote and go through a drawer a day. Organize what you want to keep and USE, toss the stuff that no one would want and use the tote for things for the garage sale! Start pricing and setting stuff aside every month as you go through another drawer, shelf, closet, etc. It will make the process so much easier in the fall and you will know what you have so you don't second buy (buying something you already have!) I feel so much better with a clean, organized work surface and tool area, you will too!

So that's my 'nothing' for this week. Have a great crafty, organizing weekend and week and I'll see you soon.

P.S. - Cannot lie. I did get one product photo. Glitter Duster! No clue but I think you can use it to either pick up glitter or spray it!

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