Thursday, January 31, 2019

No Rush Today!

No rush today so I sit here casually typing, sipping my morning coffee and munching on a blueberry muffin my husband brought home yesterday. As you know we're closed today - Thank You Sharon! The weather is truly frightening. I was not looking forward to yesterday even though I wasn't scheduled to work. My husband has a part-time job and he was supposed to be home but volunteered to work for a woman who would have had to come to Williamsville from Alden. He's a good guy, but I had an important appointment I didn't think I could miss and I was looking forward to him driving me. Long story short, my appointment was closed (didn't bother to announce til the time I was due there, argh!) My husband was home by 1:00 pm and he brought blueberry muffins. I spent the day on the couch binge watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix and not doing a darn thing but watch the snow pile up!

Because we've been closed I haven't gotten any updates on new product. I have a photo or two of Penny Black which you might have seen in your email. I'll repost and throw a shout-out for our Super Bowl party on Sunday. As of last Saturday we had two slots left before the wait list. If you are still interested, check with the store tomorrow. We will be open! Here are my photos. These little bears  and bunny are really cute.

Back to our delightful weather - I have a small series of photos of how we measure snow at our house. The first photo was taken Wednesday morning, the last, last night around 11:00pm.

Lastly, in our house we're a little excited over a piece of mail we received earlier this week. Our daughter's diploma from Cornell. We're over the moon -- she's hanging out in Europe! Who does that?!

Notice the "Do Not Throw Out!" - Lex strongly cautioned us not to throw it out as my husband has a history of throwing out things he shouldn't! I had to send this photo to Lex to assure her we were keeping it safe and sound!

OK, just one more day of brutal temps. It should start easing up a little tomorrow and be almost balmy by the weekend. Everyone stay warm, stay safe and happy crafting! (I promise to do some craft work today ;-)

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