Monday, January 4, 2021

Sales, Sales, Sales!

We have sales going on! Normally, this time of year, Happy New Year everyone! we are gearing up for several really big events. We do inventory in January and Sharon and Mark go to the big trade show out in California or Arizona (wherever it's held). As with everything else these plans have changed. What hasn't changed is we hold our Wild and Wacky Sale the weekend before Sharon leaves for the show. That's kinda hard to do during Covid as there is no show in the literal sense this year. 

Sharon has switched around our Wild and Wacky Sale and will be having sales all month long! Please follow our emails for the latest in pop-up sale announcements and new specials. Sharon does them so rapidly it's not possible for me to post every time she adds a sale to the list.

I do have some photos for you of new product from Honey Bee. Valentine stamps, dies, sentiments and re-stocks on favorites.

Love these trucks! Back in stock!

Gems are back in stock!

You have no idea how true this one is for me!

That's it for me for today. I'll be back with new as soon as I get it. Happy New Year's Crafting and let's make this a SAFE and HEALTHY New Year!

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